Tommy "Mega Famous Celebrity Bowler Tommy Oakes" Oakes is a male Sims in Kayla's Simsie Save. He starts out as a teenager and appears very often in Kayla's videos.

Appearances Edit

Huntley Legacy Edit

In the Huntley Legacy, he is married to Maise Huntley and the father of Elise Huntley. There were some troubles within their relationship with him often being rude to her in the beginning and even starting a fight with her. When she sought out to make him jealous, he got jealous often.

When Maisie decided to stop with her drama nonsense, they made up. They got engaged on a camping trip and got married in a bowling alley( I'm not kidding). it's not out of the norm for Kayla to do this sort of thing

Separated at Birth Edit

In Separated at Birth, Val and Maria both dated Tommy as teenagers before they met and now it is awkward between the three of them.