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This wiki is about the amazing simmer lilsimsie. A 18-year-old-girl named Kayla started posting videos on Youtube in 2015 on her new channel, lilsimsie. Kayla is known for her humorous sims videos that keep everyone laughing.

Kayla has recently started streaming on Twitch and started a podcast on the "Hey Simsie" channel, sound cloud, and iTunes.

"Make sure to leave a like, comment, subscribe, and do all those fun youtube things and in case you didn't know I post new videos every single day and i'll see you all tomorrow. Bye everybody!"

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Snapchat: lilsimsie

Origin ID: lilsimsie

I would really appreciate if anyone wanted to contribute to this wiki. You could contribute from the main protagonists of a series or to a random npc.

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Kelly is a 18 year old named Kayak, Kellogg, Kayla, and many more

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The myth, the legend, the racist, lilsimsie