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Kayla Sims is an American internet personality mostly known for her YouTube channel Lilsimsie. On this channel she uploads Sims videos. (Though recently, she has started to post House Flipper too). Apart from that she streams daily on her twitch channel. There, she streams the Sims, (mainly Sims 3 and Sims 4, although she played Sims 2 one time).Stardew Valley, and House Flipper. Sometimes she also streams IRL. Kayla also used to play My Time at Portia, but she hasn't for a few months. She also occasionally takes BuzzFeed quizzes and plays Poptropica. Kayla also plays random games sometimes.

Her YouTube and twitch channel also have memes. Such as Susan. Susan is what she calls a person that is mean to her. It is not a specific person but instead anyone who is rude. She also loves Rick Astley. It started as a meme. But, it eventually became something she was really interested in. This happened after she went to a concert of his in Boston. She went with one of her mods on twitch, Hannah who was turning 14. When there she had a meet up with her fans.

Kayla is also very interested in musicals. This includes, Hamilton, Book of Mormon, Dear Evan Hanson, and Heathers. Kayla’s friends, (Hatsy and Steph0sims), also died her hair twitch purple in honor of her reaching a important milestone of sub points. When the purple faded out, it left her hair partly green. So, she died it back to brown. But, it is a bit darker than it was before. She tweeted on twitter that she bought green hair dye and that left fans hoping that she will dye it. She said she bought it so she could "embrace her inner sim".

External Youtube Channels Edit

Apart from her main channel Kayla also has two other active channels.

Moresimsie Edit

Her second channel, moresimsie is currently used as a place where she uploads her stream vods (video on demand) but, was originally used as a second channel where she played other games. She uploaded a video of her taking pop quizzes with her friend titled "Who's my Youtube boyfriend" but it's privated/deleted as of April 2018. She has also said that she filmed a few episodes of playing Kitty Powers Matchmaker with her sister but never uploaded it. On September 1, 2017 she uploaded a Not So Berry vod, (video on demand) and has continued uploading every stream since then.

Hey Simsie! Podcast Edit

On July 30, 2017 Kayla uploaded a podcast teaser on her podcast channel Hey Simsie! but the first full-length podcast was uploaded the 31st. The episodes usually revolves around stories about Kayla's life. She often has her friends or family as guests on the podcast. Although, this is currently on hold due to her being very busy. It is not officially canceled forever though.

Life Outside Of YouTube Edit

Early Life And Family Edit

Kayla was born on August 14 in the year 1999. She lived her first years in Illinois in Chicago (where her grandpma still lives. Her grandpa died a few years ago), but moved to Orlando Florida around the age of six. Kayla visits Chicago for a week in the winter every year. She is the oldest child of her family and has two younger siblings named Shanna and Brett. Her mother is called Karen but most of Kayla's viewers refer to her as mommasimsie. Her dad hasn't made many appearances on her channel but he usually lurks in Kayla's streams saying nothing but "sup" to which the whole chat replies "sup" back to him. At a young age, Kayla played soccer for her local soccer team. Although this did not last long. The family has three dogs (named Mako, Bimini, and Captain) and two cats (called snapper also known as Snapcat and Pogie). Shanna also has turtles, bunnies, lizards and birds.

Middle And High School Career Edit

Kayla often mentions how she didn't have a lot of friends in middle school as most of her friends dropped her around this time. She opened up a while ago about the fact that her father got multiple myeloma during this period. During this time her grandparents watched her. But, she also was responsible for making sure everything ran smoothly. She said in a podcast that she got into playing The Sims 3 during this. At this point Kayla became a major Sims fan. She went on to play Sims 4 today. She was in Kayla's own words "a real try hard" in high and middle school (this is the origin of the good noodle meme. The good noodle meme also lead her to cover herself in 50,000 noodles when she hit 50k on YouTube. She got the idea of being a good noodle from Spongebob). She took multiple college credit classes in high school, (such as AP math), and was on her school cheerleading team for a brief period of time. In cheerleading, Kayla had to wear a fake ponytail which she said was very uncomfortable.

College career Edit

Kayla graduated high school and started college in 2017. She recently completed her freshman year, majoring in history. Kayla changed her major, it was originally art major. During this year she lived in a dorm with her roommates. Kayla signed a renting contract for an apartment where she plans to live next semester with her friend Jill. Where she is happy that she will be able to use candles in again.

YouTube Origins Edit

In middle school, Kayla and her neighbor and friend started a YouTube channel where they played with Littlest Pet Shop toys. This channel was called ToffeChocolate. They stopped uploading on this channel when starting high school. A few years later Kayla started uploading The Sims 4 videos on this channel, (with the neighbors permission), such as the 100 baby challenge and the first episodes of her Steele family. When the channel hit 10,000 subscribers her old neighbor kicked Kayla out of the channel and deleted the videos that Kayla made. Kayla then started her current channel, Lilsimsie, where she rapidly grew a big audience. Currently, Kayla is a little bit over 250k subscribers. She also has over 40 millions views. The first video she uploaded was “I was hacked: story time” which is now unlisted. As of now, the first video on her channel is the first episode of her Get Together series. The channel the neighbor hacked is now called theterriblestidea. She posted part one and part two and a few random videos of her and Kayla playing with littlest pet shop toys. She also posts Hamilton, Heather's and other random animatics. The hacker also posts podcasts. She states that Kayla lied about being hacked. The hacker says that Kayla gave her permission to take the channel over. The hacker now has over 20,000 subscribers.

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